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About us

Company profile

Documentary film-makers James Bluemel and Jo Elliott established Moving Target Films in 2007.

Documentaries focusing on compelling human stories are at the heart of what we do, but we also work in a range of genres producing films for a number of different audiences. Whatever the project, we try to ensure that our core values remain the same. We want our work to be thoughtful, powerful, and engaging, and above all, to have a high impact on its audience.

We've produced and directed films for the following broadcasters and organisations:
BBC, Channel 4, Al Jazeera

Oxfam, Salusbury World, The Guardian, Child-to-Child, Fambul Tok, North South Projects, The Photographers' Gallery, The Office for Criminal Justice Reform, The University of Oxford, The Oxford Vaccine Group, The Story Museum, The Oxfordshire Youth Offending Team

NESTA, MQ Publications, The Royal Festival Hall, The Citizen Organising Foundation, World University Service (now Education Action), Park Records, Rise Phoenix, Global Angels, Lloyds of London, Thames Valley Partnership, Penguin Books,