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Moving Target Films provides dynamic, innovative and effective solutions for the best communication of your message through broadcast-quality productions.

Moving images are a powerful tool for the delivery of a clear message to a worldwide audience. Through its ability to engage with an audience and make a lasting impact, video is regarded as the most effective medium for educational or marketing purposes and for communication of core policy messages.

In our non-broadcast capacity we work for a broad range of clients ranging from local companies and businesses, councils, universities and colleges, to national and international corporations, public agencies and charities, producing eye-catching creative and effective videos.

Our experience covers everything from simple low-budget productions to complex projects shooting internationally or involving detailed graphics and animation work. If you are looking for a promotional video, video for your website, testimonies, training videos, internal communications or events coverage, we have the expertise to provide you with dynamic, fresh and intelligent solutions.

We understand that for many clients developing video content is a new experience, and we are keen to make the process as straightforward and clear as possible by keeping you informed about what we can offer and what is involved at every stage of the production process.

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